Boy & Girl Geese, or just ONE?


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Sep 8, 2011
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Okay, I have three female Welsh Harlequin ducks and four female chickens. Am planning in February to order two more chicks (male and female same breed), a male WH duckling (for my three WH females) and a female Chinese gossling. Question: Should I also order a male Chinese goosling? I don't want a male goose trying to breed with my WH females, or my chickens, and this is something I am wondering about before I finalize my order.

I have plenty of room for everyone....a 4 x 6 coop for the chickens w/4 nesting boxes outside the coop, and under the coop a 4 x 6 sleeping area for the ducks (enclosed on three sides), attached is a 12 x 6 run, plus a kennel 20x10 for them all to forage in during the day accessed through a tunnel. All the roofed run sides have been covered with hardware cloth. Up 3ft of the sides of the kennel and over the entire top was also covered in hardware cloth.

Am thinking the WH duckling, a Chinese gosling, and two baby chicks raised together until they are at least two-three months old, they will have bonded by the time I put them in with my other ducks/chickens and won't feel so lonely at first. My WH ducklings and chicks, who are now three months old, have been raised together since they were 3 days old and get along really well together. At the first introduction of the two groups, I will keep a sharp eye on everyone to make sure they get along and that there aren't any problems. Of course, am hoping the WH females will let the WH male sleep with them, and also the goose. However, if they prefer to walk up the ramp into the coop there is plenty of room on the floor away from the roosts for them to nest.

Suggestions? Is the addition of a goose, one or two of them to my flock, even feasible? Thanks for your replies!!!!!
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I think it would be fine, I have a Emden gander who was hatched by my Muscovy duck and has lived with ducks,chickens all his life, he is going on 5 years. He does mate with the ducks but they don't care at all. and he tolerates the chickens but doesn't try to mate with them, I'd be more concerned about the drake trying to mate with the chickens, but with 3 girls to keep him happy hopefully not. Unless you want goslings maybe you should just go with females but I bet ya your drake will mate with your geese also.

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