Boy or girl? Orp chicks & mutt


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Aug 28, 2013
I'm finding it reassuring to see so many impatient people (like me!!) wanting to find out the sex of their chicks!! Sure I should just 'wait' for a egg or crow, but my kids are really wanting to sort the names out and I want to start rehoming boys ASAP (anti crowing neighbors).
They are just under 3 weeks old, all born on 14th September. 2 black Orpington's, 2 buff Orpington's, and 1 mutt aruacana cross a multitude of possibilities.




My 'mutt' (last pic close up), has wing, back & tail feathers in, and initiates chest thumps. She's (ha! the presumption!) my only hatched home incubated.
The black orps both look like they're wearing 'pants' and one of the buffs (leopard spots head and wings) has a more angular head - beak tip arches down.
All but 1 buff orp seems to instigate chest pumps, kicking and downward 'pecks' onto others. So I'm leaning to think 1 pullet only.
Anyone want to try & take a guess?
My guesses, think you are right on your EE being a boy, that comb is really wide and noticeable. Of the two other black ones the on the top of the first picture also seems to have a lot of comb for three weeks, of the two buffy ones I am guessing the darker one as a boy. Leaves the one black I can't see a comb on and the lighter buff as possible girls. The chest bumping doesn't mean much at this age, both sexes will do it. Would be nice if they came with labels wouldn't it, hate the waiting.
Waiting takes too long! Thanks kelsie! I haven't got a close up of 1 of the black orps, so your spot on there. I'll try for head and leg shots a bit later on and add them.
1 - EE


Most placid when handled, was a assisted hatch (dry membrane, hadn't progressed with unzip for 24hrs). My only hatchling! (If boy, can you encourage 'quietness?!)

2 - black orpington

Dislikes handling! Very wriggly!

3 - black orpington

Also very wriggly! But smaller than #1

4 - buff orpington

Quieter than the black orps, but more wriggly than #5, also bigger than #5

5 - buff orpington

Very placid, temperament like #1.

My fear is that #5 is the only girl! I'd have to rehome 4 of them and find chicks close to her age to replace my boys..
#1 feathered very quickly, I was leaning toward pullet only because of this. No sibling to compare. Any guesses?
I'm still guessing #1 & #2 as roos mostly because of the size/color of their comb. #3 as a possible roo because of some comb and big feet. #4 buff orp mix? comb looks smaller in that pic, but legs look pretty stocky, so possible roo because of the general looks. #5 buff orp, possible girl. Buff orps seem to have late blooming roos... If you are going to get replacements for extra roos, you might want to consider getting extra (hopefully pullet) chicks now, usually the younger they are the easier they are to integrate. If you wind up with extra pullets they should be fairly easy to place.
I read somewhere that the black spots on the heads of buff orps means a boy. I guess it is only visible within a few weeks. I think I noticed one with black spots
Yep newbie, there's a spot there. The breeder told me that meant girl!
Trying to rehome #2 & #4 now, I'm pretty sure it's 100% they r boys.

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