Boy or Girl? Silver Laced Wyandott

Is this SLW a male or female?

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8 Years
Mar 12, 2014
Is this a girl or boy? (S)he is 5 weeks old. (The bigger buff orpington that can be seen a little in one picture is 7 weeks old)

I'm not sure you can tell yet...there's still some downy neck feathers, and this is a slower maturing breed. I don't think you can be sure for another week or two.
This is the only SLW I have...I will try to get a picture next to some of the others I have that are the same age
I'd say pullet. Wyandotte combs are hard to tell, at that young of an age, but the wattles will be bigger on the roosters, for sure. From what I've had in the past, I'd say little girl.
SLW, Austerlop, and 2 Production Reds are all 5 weeks old (sorry, the SLW was blurry, but I think this works to get the size)


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