BR, SS, RIR/Production Red, Light Brahma, Pullets or roos?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by bmerb, May 1, 2009.

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    Trying to figure these kids out. They are all 9 wks old, and I REALLY hope they are all pullets... We know we've got one roo, but haven't even heard much clucking yet, let alone a crow!

    These two are both Sasquatch. I have NO idea what sex! We have another LB Yeti, who is almost identical but took longer to feather out in the tail, and still has a little less tail/more droop to the bum.

    Here is one of the 3 RIRs, or probably production reds (RIR or Prod. Red, anyone?). This one has a longer tail that the other two. This one and another also have the same sized comb/wattles, and the third has a little less comb. I'm still hoping for 3 pullets!

    These two are both Omlette, one of our 2 SS. I'm thinking she? Lots of shiny black in the tail though... Also is this the correct coloring for a SS?

    This is Gracie Lou, our other SS. Gracie is colored really differently, still speckled, but totally different color. They came from different sources... Pullet?

    This is Dot, our friendliest chicken. PLEASE not a roo!

    This is Dash, our other BR for comparison. Seems less red in the face?

    and here are both of their faces for up close comparison, Dash at left, Dot at right.

    Finally, Cletus the GLW who MUST be a roo (at least we are hoping)! Right??

  2. ArizonaDesertChicks

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    Out of all the chicken breeds you pictured, I have barred rocks and production reds. Dot is a pullet and your production red look like a pullet to me also.
  3. gritsar

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    With the exception of the light brahmas the rest of these are guesses:
    Both Light brahmas, pullets
    RIR - cockerel
    Omlette - cockerel
    Gracie Lou - pullet
    Dot - pullet
    Dash - pullet
    Cletus - is there really any doubt? cockerel

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