Mar 22, 2016
Back in May I bought 3 chicks from Tractor Supply. I was told that they were silkies and being that I was a newbie I was none the wiser. Now that I know better, I know that these are definitely not silkies. Two of the three look like buff Braum's. This last one I am not so sure of. It has The Feathered feet just like the other two but I cannot find any pictures online that can compare to the coloring of this little guy. I say little guy with a hint of positivity because lately he has been trying to grow. If I am wrong please somebody correct me. They are about 12 weeks old. I am only going to post the picture of the one that I am unsure of the breed. Uploads/20160710_202923.jpg
I just Googled a pic. I think you are right on the money. Thank you! Can you tell if it's a roo or hen from the pic?
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