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Folks, the previous Brahma thread was closed due to the bickering that broke out in the last few days. It will remain closed on the forum for future reference.

We expect ALL members to work together to make sure this one doesn't end up spiraling downward.

Please remember that there is ALWAYS a way to get your point across without being rude, inconsiderate, and/or arrogant. Please put a few seconds of thought in before you his the post button.

The previous thread is located here:

This new thread is located in the Greeds, Genetics, and Showing" section for a reason; it's to guessed it...........breeding, genetics, and showing. This section is for folks who inted to breed with exhibition in mind or simply wish to preserve the Brahma to the SOP for the breed. Of course, ANYONE may post in this thread; just know that many folks posting here regularly may not sugar-coat their replies.

If you simply love the breed and have a few Brahma from a hatchery, culls from a breeder, or are not interested in breeding for exhibition, there is a more casual Brahma thread here: this thread is located in the Pictures & Stories of my Chickens area.

Lastly, if you see a post that you feel breaks rules, DO NOT REPLY to the post or quote it - please report it so that Staff can take action if necessary. If you should have any questions, please contact a Staff member.


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Let me start with a few pictures, this is our light Brahma rooster we acquired from Darlene have over our Blue Columbian Brahmas trying to improve the line. We are planning on a whole new line of the Blue Columbians. Plans are to keep the best female offspring and breed them back to this guy in our next generation and see how things look then.

This is our Partridge Brahma Cockerel but since we lost our only hen he will be heading to a new home in 2 weeks along with a few Blue Columbian Hens.


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Well shoot, I think I joined the old thread on page 3. I hate losing the information and pictures that had accumulated over the years. Will it still be accessible ?

But maybe this will be the best compromise.

The issue will be that new folks will find this thread way before they come across the other, I'm betting.


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I'm very happy to learn SOP.
We are supposed to get LF DB chicks from Duane Urch soon.
That's our start.
We have a DB pullet from a hatchery. She is one of our favorite breakfast makers so we know we'll enjoy working with this lovely breed!


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I'm very happy to learn SOP.
We are supposed to get LF DB chicks from Duane Urch soon.
That's our start.
We have a DB pullet from a hatchery. She is one of our favorite breakfast makers so we know we'll enjoy working with this lovely breed!
I purchased australorp, buckeye, and Wyandotte from Mr. Urch last year and am pleased with the birds a year later.


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Dec 3, 2012
Just wanted to post so I would be subscribed to the page. Want to make sure I can continue to learn from you guys, plus I love seeing the pictures of your guys' quality brahmas


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The start of my show stock, bantam darks from John Neff should be hatching tomorrow. I've also got some LF darks in the bator now from Duane Urch, hatching in about 2 weeks and some more LF darks coming from John Neff I think next week. Once I set my sights on darks, I found it very difficult to find hatching eggs from good breeders. It took me close to a year to find them, but I think I'm starting with some good stock. I've decided to focus on the darks and my partridge that I am already working on, I've got some more partridge eggs coming in to give me some genetic diversity in the next week or two. I'm hoping that we will be able to get partridge as an APA accepted color sometime in the future. I've been talking to our state rep about how that could happen, sounds like a fairly complicated process, so if there is anyone else here that is thinking about working on that as well maybe we can work together.

I've ordered the SOP, don't know how long it usually takes to get here. Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have some really good quality out of these birds.

I'd call myself a newbie, but I'm serious about showing and usually accomplish whatever I set my mind to. I've shown horses and dogs (can't do it anymore because of health), so I think I understand the amount of work and effort involved.

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