Brahma Bully


Jul 17, 2019
S. Fla
Hey Folks, :barnie
I have an issue that I would love a solution to. I have Brahma(Noodle) and a Rhode Island hen (Dorothy), both 2 months old. Although they are the same age, Noodle is almost twice the size of Dorothy. Noodle is completely domineering over Dorothy, chasing and pecking her when they are out in the yard together. Dorothy sometimes pecks back but usually just follows close behind Noodle.
I've tried letting Noodle out and allowing Dorothy space to eat alone, but she frets and just tries to get back to Noodle.
I've thought of maybe adding another same age hen to help this imbalance? I'd appreciate any thought or ideas.
Thank you, I know that some bullying is normal, her size does concern me though.
I don't think the Brahma is a Cockeral. I did notice alot of feathers in the coop belonging to Dorothy (smaller) one, she's too young to molt right? so that could be from stress. What are your thoughts about adding another?
I suspect that the brahma may be a cockerel, they can be hard to tell as they mature more slowly than most other breeds, but that comb is a bit to pinkish for a pullet.
Tho not sure it's gender issue anyway, some birds are just more aggressive than others.

The pecking you're seeing may be totally normal it's just how they do.
As long as no blood is drawn, and bird is not pinned down and beaten unmercilessy
just let them work it out.

Adding another bird can cause more problems than it solves.
Integration can be tricky especially if your space is small.

Chicks go thru 3 juvenile molts between hatch and about 6 months old.
The first 'adult' molt happens their second fall, at about 18 months-give or take a few.
Thank you, oh my I hope she is not a he:eek:.Wouldn't he have started crowing ? She just may be a Big "B" :(
That's good to know about the molting. My coop is 12 ft x 3ft with a covered roosting box. It seems spacious enough for 2-3.
Again thank you !
Wouldn't he have started crowing ?
Not at 8 weeks...usually.....give it another month or two.
I had one cockerel start trying to crow at 1 week this year, but I already knew it was male at hatch due to cross and it's a precocious line of birds.

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