Breed and Gender??


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Apr 2, 2015
North-Central Ohio
So, I got this little cutie in the assorted bantam bin at Meyers hatchery. It's 3 weeks old, give or take a day or two. Any ideas on the breed and gender? It looks to have a single row pea comb. I was thinking Easter Egger, but it seems to have tiny feathers growing on its legs. Confused. LOL


That's an EE. Hatchery stock birds tend to be poorly bred, thus little feathers on the legs is a result of the bad gene pool. If it did have feathered legs (as a breed characteristic) it would have a lot more feathers. It's too young to tell the gender.
I was thinking that it should have more feathers on it's legs if it was going to have them. I also got 2 little mottled Cochins and a white Silkie at the same time and they all have a ton of fluffiness on their legs already.
It seems to be very healthy so far. Do you think it will have any issues later on? I hate to think of the poor little thing having bad genes!
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