Breed info on laying?


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Jun 15, 2011
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Is there somplace that lists the average laying age and number of eggs per week for the various breeds?

I have a lot of different chickens and I'd like to have an idea of when I should expect each one to start laying, approximately. Also, how many eggs/week to expect from each of them. I have quite a few that are 16-18 weeks now.

Great chart....thanks for asking the question and thanks for posting the chart!! Helps us newbies
Thanks, speckledhen; I'm familiar with the Henderson chart - it's great.

I'm looking for more specific information like initial laying age of xx to xx weeks and x number of eggs per year, etc. I've found some of the information by searching different sites (mostly egg size and number per year), and I'm having a hard time finding any resources that tell the normal age range for specific breeds to start laying...

I did find one site that I WISH were true - by a Farmer Dan - all the chicken breeds were listed as starting to lay at four or five weeks! I think he meant months...
Someone seriously needs to make a new one though. There's several breeds there which the info on, the laying capabilities especially, are extremely off.
It's the best one out there...but I have seen conflicting information on other sites.

Illia - which laying capabilities are way off IYO?

ETA - sh - is there a place on BYC to post a new chart if someone makes one?
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