Breed of Chicken from eggs?


12 Years
Jul 27, 2007
Can you tell what breed of chicken you have from the egg? I know that a blue egg is definitely going to be a EE, but if i collect a bunch of brown egg from different brown egg layers when I get them in the house is there a way to tell them apart?. I have noticed some differences between them, but are they due just to individual chickens or due their breed?
Thanks that is kind of what I thought, but on some threads it sounded like people were inferring that they could. It might just be what you said they just new their hen's egg. Newbie question I know, but ya never know unless you ask right?
Yep! It's always worth asking....

Now, if you had 1 each of, say.... a Leghorn, and EE, a Marans, and a Barred Rock, you could tell. Because their eggs would be, in order: white, blue/green, dark brown, regular brown.

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