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Can chickens be breed registered like dogs or horses? Just a for fun question
I track my breeding pens so I know who came from where and who I will be breeding them to. It lets me keep track of and make adjustments to the quality of each pen.

I put leg tags with numbers on them and enter them in my book who were the parents and what bloodlines they came from and DOH (date of hatch). And I usually include pictures.
This is the idea with teh Standard of Perfection. Insofar as cpoultry reproduce at such a quick and copious rate and often have a short and/or unpredictible life-span, registries were not seen as possible. The Standard becomes their registry. In theory, a specimen is held up to the Standard and it is. or is not, in accord with whether or not it meets that standard. One of the obvious weaknesses with this system is that birds with a borken lineage can be phenotypically a breed that they genotypically are not. On the other hand, it's hard enough to make this happen, as well as time consuming enough, as to reduce the magnitude of the concern.

Thus, though, when one says Standard-bred Dorking it is the same as saying Registered Holstein, which is why it is taken so seriously.
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The registry offers certificates that promote linage/pedigree tracking. It offers a Breed Improvement Certification, Ancestry Certification and Development Certification

The certification systems work to track heritage, but as a group basis instead of individually.
@$8.00 a year to join, it is also a affordable advertisement if you want a breeder listing!

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm more than happy to help!

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