Breeding a campbell and a muscovy drake...question!


10 Years
May 3, 2009
Elizabethtown, KY
We have 2 young ducks, male and female, resulting from our campbell breeding with our muscovy drake. Our question is...Will our two young ducks be fertile??
Thank you for any information!
No, breeding outcomes from A muscovy and a Campbell (or any other mallard derived breed) result in "mule ducks" Which means there are infertile. The hen will still produce eggs for you but again infertile.
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They will both be sterile. The hen may or may not lay eggs. Most of the mules that I had did not even lay eggs although I had several make a nest and go broody?
I believe that's the most common meat duck in France. I was curious about how those would be but couldn't stand the pekin drakes I had for one more second. Darn it!
MY muscovy drake has been mating my female cambell will their eggs be fertile will the eggs hatch about how many eggs will she lay before she starts setting how long do they set
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