Breeding a certain hen to a certain roo

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    I have a broody partridge cochin that has been broody for a while. My hubby doesn't want me buying chicks or fertile eggs to put under her. He prefers I use what we have. I have some Americanas he likes that I may want to breed with a certain roo (named Speckle). I know I have to put the roo in with the hen(s) I want him to breed, but how long before I know those eggs they are laying were fertilized by him as I have several others? Can I put more than one hen in with him? I have a chicken tractor I can use for the breeding pen. I would like to put possibly two of my Americanas in with him. They all free range during the day so not sure which roos have bred which hens and not sure how long it takes to get that roos out of her system?
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    A hen can have fertilized eggs for about 3 weeks after mating. To breed Speckle to a certain hen and make sure he is the father, I would give them about four weeks.

    You don't want your cochin to wait that long. She has already been broody for a while, and she might not stand waiting seven more weeks. So, it is probably best in this case to just give her what eggs you have.
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    Ditto Dat^^^

    To breed a specific cross with multiple cockbirds around, you have to do some planning,
    and segregation of hens and/or cocks.
    Segregating hens can put them off laying, so segregating the cockbird is often better.
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    Jan 23, 2015
    Gotcha! Thanks for the advice. I think for now it might be best to just try and break her broodiness. I've read how to do that so maybe that's what I'll try. It will be cooler her for several days with the rains here in Texas so that should help as well....from what I've read.
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    Any genetic markers?

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