breeding a polish hen with a Cochin frizzle rooster


9 Years
Aug 12, 2010
What would happen if you bred a polish hen with a frizzle Cochin rooster? would I get some frizzle polish? One of my Cochin hens decided to be a rooster so i'm just thinking of what I can hatch :) also what about with a rir, barred rock, salmon favorolles? Does every breed take to the frizzle gene? Thanks!
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My co-chicken momma has a silver-laced polish frizzle mix. She is about 10 weeks old now, and she is a beauty! Her momma was a polish and her dad was a bantam cochin frizzle.
I asked about something similar, but got fairly negative responses. Seems to me many are very against breeding a frizzle cochin with a polish. I assume if you choose offspring that is "frizzled" and has the largest crest, then breed that with polish, then breed the best offspring from that with polish, and so on, after several generations the crest should get larger. Some people are deadset on exact looks for polish, but if what you end up with has the look you want, who cares if it has a few feathers on feet or other non-standard polish traits. I think the look a lot of people want is just a bird that ends up being a frizzle with a large crest. I guess it takes 5 to 7 generations to get closer to that outcome, and surely a little luck. Definitely a lot of people are pushing buying a 40 dollar egg of a polish frizzle online, so I can only assume they are selling purebreds and so feel resentful to amateurs trying to get similar results on their own by crossbreeding. I didn't realize there was that level of snobbery in the chicken world, but you find it in every hobby really. However, if someone breeds something similar to a polish frizzle, it would be crappy of them to not disclose that it is crossbred, and perhaps ruin someone else's purebred flock. That's the only bad scenario I can think of. I would love to see the results of some polish/cochin frizzles offspring bred back with polish. Curious to see how many generation it would take to at least get a moderately sized crest.

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