Breeding and chicken 'collecting'... What made you choose the breeds you have, how did you narrow i

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Sep 7, 2010
Chickens are highly addictive critters. I had 22 layers years ago (Black sex link, red sussex, leghorns) and kept three pets from that bunch. They have all since passed away and I just got back into birds from a 2 year hiatus lol. After researching all the different types of breeds, I decided on Columbian Wyandottes and Easter Eggers. I want more wyandottes next spring (I spoke for Blue Laced Reds) and I also want to breed Black Copper Marans, they are beautiful birds and I LOVE those dark eggs (plus I love the possibility of olive eggs with the EE's) My thing is I want a dozen eggs of all different colors, from beautiful chickens. I have no use for bantam breeds (although they are so cute, especially Cochins)... Breed quality birds are not cheap though, and I'm going to have to put my nose to the grindstone for next spring. We have tons of room here for many coops, and husband has access to free building material. Just wish we farmed grain! (in-laws have a hammer mill)

I also have a question, if I have an Ameraucana mixed rooster (he looks like a boy easter egger, very BIG too) and I breed him to the Easter Eggers that are coming here soon, would those still make offspring that throw colored eggies too?
The eggs should have some color. He most likely carries the gene as do the pullets.

I've had around 25 different breeds.

I have favorite breeds(Anconas, White Minorcas, Jaerhons, Jersey Giants) but limited on space so I've settled on Black Penedesencas. Dark eggs like Marans, dual purpose, unlike the egg varieties of Penes, excellent forager, wary and evades predators well but willing to stay behind a 2' fence, only bird(penedesencas and empordanesas) that has white earlobes but lays a brown egg, only bird with a carnation comb, famous in Europe for flavor of meat (annual festival based on the breed), occasional broody hens are great mothers, big eggs. Should I go on?

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