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    I have 15 chickens who are about 16 weeks old right now. They free range in my backyard during the day and go into the coop together at night. I have 5 roosters: two Cochins, one Blue Copper Maran, one Ameraucana, and an ISA Brown - Rhode Island mix. I also have hens of different breeds: two Rhode Island Reds, one Buff Orpington, one ISA Brown, two Leghorns, one Freedom Ranger, one Silkie, one Old English Game Bantam, and one Ameraucana.

    I want to hatch chicks once they start laying but I am a bit confused. All of my chickens have been together since they hatched. Is it possible to move the two Ameraucanas to a different coop after she starts laying so I have Ameraucana chicks and not just random breeds mixed together? If I let my Ameraucana hen free range with the rest of the group like normally and then take her and the Ameraucana rooster and separate them, how long will it be until the eggs are for sure fertilized by him and not one of my other roosters?
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    [​IMG] Hens can retain sperm with high fertility for 2 weeks, moderate fertility for 3 weeks, and occasional fertility for up to 4 weeks after being mated. Five roosters will most likely be too many for your flock.

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