Breeding for cold hardy, good layer, large eggs and Creole color!?

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    Oct 3, 2009
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    First of all I am avoiding any large single combs, as we get frigid winters. My best layers of jumbo eggs are my black copper marans. I crossed a BCM with my red dorking rose comb roo and got the BCM coloring and body type, with the dorking rose comb and 5 toes. She is too young to lay eggs though so I don't know what size they will be. I have ordered some Golden Cuckoo Maran eggs, and would like to breed a pullet of those to the same roo. How many crossing and in what order in order to get the creole coloring, while retaining the rose comb and the jumbo size eggs? (my dorking lays medium size eggs)[​IMG] Also any way of retaining the dark color of the Maran eggs?
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