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    Get back to us on it in July.... [​IMG]
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    Or in Western Washington.....
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    rural central FL
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I plan my trip to NE Indiana around July because the weather is so similar.
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    That's why I don't live in Indiana. Nor Florida. Too hot, too muggy, too flat. [​IMG]
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    Sure, I love to hear about it! I especially enjoy hearing about the # 5 hurricanes that carries half the state away each the rain every day and humidity that makes you look and feel like you peed yourself...lolol
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    Standard-bred Wyandottes, silver laced, golden laced, white, buff, black and partridge...
    copyrighted by Reliable Poultry Journal Publishing Company in 1903. (This is a collection of poultry journal articles.)

    In an article entitled "The Beauty Breed" by Fred G. Mason, he states, "If your stock reaches standard weight at maturity without the aid of surplus fat, be content and do not seek to add to their size, as it will rob them to a great extent of two of the most important qualities that should characterize the Wyandotte, namely egg production and early maturity."

    In "Standard-bred White Wyandottes," Arthur G. Dustin is quoted as, "if we keep trying as the demand seems to be to add a pound or two over standard weight, will we not lose the early maturing qualities in a great measure?"

    In "Breed to an Ideal," Charles C. Arnold states, "The Wyandottes are considered to be one of the best general purpose fowls and when we increase their size we prolong their maturity, and when we lengthen their maturity we are losing in their useful qualities."

    John H. Jackson states in "the Breeding of White Wyandottes," that "Wyandottes, by intelligent selection and mating, can be brought to a very high state of perfection and still hold their utility qualities to an unexcelled degree." And,"big Wyandottes do not lay as well as standard weight fowl...These standard weight birds are the ones that mature the quickest."

    I purchased this book off Amazon, though it is probably available on the Internet.

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    Am reading a book on turkeys and it had similar things to say regarding trying to get overweight turkeys and then they don't lay as well.
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    with toe punching is the best way cutting a notch in the web?
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    Or here in AZ. [​IMG]
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    We love Florida, been down to Orlando three yrs. in a row. Daytona beach is awesome to. Ever been to the Catfish Place restaurant in St Cloud? Nothing special, mostly deep fried stuff. But their 'fingerling' catfish are huge! And they have turtle, gator and the best froglegs. They sell gator meat to go also, was $10lb now $12. Either 1lb frozen packages of white meat or frozen 5lb box of dark, like cubed steaks, I liked that the best. Bought a few pounds of froglegs there also.

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