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    This is the stuff I have on it.

    Let me know if the word doc is too hard to open. I will make it a pdf if so.
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    Thanks ronnet1. I've researched a little on linebreeding.
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    I'm doing something similar, using Bob Blosl's line breeding method of 3 pens, with each hen I start with getting her own pen, then all her female progeny will be using that pen for breeding as well. I'll be using the father on the daughters and sons on the mothers and aunts for as long as I can without degrading the lines.

    I'll be staying small as well, not hatching out more than approx. 40 chicks per year if I'm blessed and I'll be culling hard so as to stay small and efficient in my housing, feeding and time spent.
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    Thanks a bunch! I think I can make clan breeding work for me. [​IMG]
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    Sounds great!
  6. Shellz

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    Ah, yes EEs! I have 3 olive eggers that I had hoped would've pulled up the slack in winter. Every single hen went on strike in December. :rolleyes: For sure the EEs will be easy to source. Thanks! :thumbsup
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    Well ya see Beer Can, I have had Jersey Giants and they just take too long to grow! The rooster got enormous but the hens did not.
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    I use this one from user @raizin you can find it on his user profile link

    I think if you know some basics about excel you can tailor it to what you need.
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    I'm not sure it exists either. I have you into the Malines. I find a breed that is what I am looking for in terms of production, but then have to look at the same color with every chicken. Ugh. I'm not knocking it. It's just not for me.
  10. millbrookfarm

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    Nov 16, 2014
    Yeah I have looked at bielefelders and malines. Bielefelders really got me thinking. I just want vary colors in each hatch. I know it's vain, but I like variety in my flock.

    I didn't expect the hens to weigh as much as what I said. I thought if the rooster weighs about that much I could get a decent weight for a 12-16wk cockerel and would wait a little bit more for the hens.

    I am leaning toward choosing two or three breeds and crossing them to see what happens.

    I have not owned any Easter Eggers but do you think it would take as much effort simply start with some Easter Eggers and then breed toward production traits (mainly meat), since most Easter Eggers vary in color widely and, from what I have read, tend to lay eggs very well versus a cross breeding program of the three breeds you just stated? Thoughts? (from anybody for that matter)

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