Breeding: not same breed of bird


8 Years
Feb 26, 2011
All of my chickens are Rhode Island Reds with the exception of one hen. She is a black cochin. Can my Rhode Isand Red rooster and her mate? If so, what will the baby chic be?
they will be mutts
not a red cochin or a black RIR
sorry just the thought of you saying a black RIR seing as RIR stands fro road island RED is verry funny
I was only saying as far as body type vs feathering...not trying to same a RIB (Rhode Island Balck)...LOL
I do say cross instead of mutt. Either was is a mutt is just a cross and a cross is just a mutt...
My dog is a mutt
My chickens are just cross breeds...not wanting them in the APA or anything...just my thinking...everyone has their own...
I never sell eggs, chicks or chickens as pure unless they are...but if someone ask whom is the roo and whom is the hen I tell them. Just saying...I don't take offense to the word 'mutt' but some do. just like some take offense to the words 'cross breed' on here. I wish some body or committee would decide which we should use so everyone would not get offended.
You can mate any two random breeds of chickens successfully.

Production Red x Black Cochin make some feather-legged, normal looking chickens with mostly black coloration and some red in the chest, extending to the back.

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