Breeding of different species of ducks?


12 Years
Mar 17, 2011
Small Town, Virginia
We have 7 ducks that will be going to my mother and father's house in a few more weeks, 2 are pekins and 5 are mallard. I believe all the mallards are MALE they have blue in their feathers. I am pretty sure that 1 of our pekins is a male and the other a female.

Will this cause a rukus with the mallards? Will they also try to mate with the pekin?

We have 2 pekins and 1 mallard that we are keeping, So far I am pretty sure the mallard is a male, has blue and white feathers in his wings. The guy at TS is pretty sure he gave us female pekins, but that is not a guarentee. Should we worry if one of the pekins is a female and the other a male with the male mallard?
well the mallard will mate your female pekin, having 2 males for 1 female is not good as they can drown her, seen it done
. mallards all look like females untill 8+ weeks of age, females have blue and white on wing tips, males have green heads after they get adult feathers 8-12 weeks

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