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    Jun 5, 2012
    Manitoba, Canada
    Starting on my breeding flocks this year and looking for ideas on building breeding pens in a single coop. How big should the pens be for a breeding group (probably around a half-dozen birds total, give or take)? What do I need in the pens (I assume a couple of laying boxes and roosts, feeders etc)? I plan on having outdoor runs coming off each indoor breeding pen, but in the winter the chickens will be kept indoors as I live in central Canada and the winters can be quite harsh. Planning on keeping Orpingtons and Chanteclers.
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    This is my pen for my bantam brahmas

    Mine are bantam so don't need separate run. Three sections. We have high heat in summer so I need lots of ventilation.
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    Each section is supposed to have it's own door but my husband hasn't finished that yet. Luckily my brahmas don't like to fly, so each section is divided by 2ft tall hardware cloth. Section 1 & 2 breeding pens. Section 3 grow out pen and brooder shelves.

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