breeding project takes giant leap forward :)


Bird of A Different Feather
11 Years
Dec 20, 2008
Boise, Idaho
Check out my new big boy. The pics don't do him justice, that's a full size straw bale he is next to though.
Completely solid, that's not fluff your looking at, I haven't weighed him yet because he doesn't fit in the bucket but I'm guessing right around 16 or 17 lbs.
sooo . . . care to take a guess at the cross CX X ?


" giant leap forward " describes it well . Pea comb ? How do you get a black tailed , red roo out of a white CX ??????????
Looks a little like a Brahma cross just because of the heavy , upright body but the head reminds me of Saipan so ???????????
Congrats , where in the world did you find that thing ?
You'll need a steel apron with built in jackstands for that poor little pullet looking at him
Wait, I'm confused, is this the result of one of your CX crosses, or a new roo you're planning to cross with your CXs?

I'm also really curious about his lineage, I mean, yeesh, he could pull a cart.

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