breeding quail??


12 Years
Jan 23, 2008
my quail roo whatever you call them
has a messed up foot, and i want to breed him,it says not to breed quail with feet problems ect,why not???
Depends on how the foot got like that. Was it an injury, was he born with it, or did it just happen on his own while he was growing? If it was the latter, you probably don't want to breed him, because that problem is usually genetic. If he was hatched like that, it could still be genetic, but it could also be an incubation problem as well. If it was an injury, you can let him breed all he wants. That will not be passed to offspring.

It's really up to you. If you are breeding these to sell as hunting birds or show birds, then you probably don't want to breed the cock. If they are just pets for you, then you can really do whatever you want. Chances are none of his offspring will have problems, but they may still have the gene for the defect.
Id say it was an incubation problem and wouldnt worry to much about it. You should be good to go on breeding him..

Have fun with breeding them, its a very interesting hobby to be in.......

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Rooster I will be putting around 40 or more Jumbo Cortunix eggs into my incubator this week! I would say since it is just a toe go ahead and breed him...but if his whole foot was mutated I would say replace him. Yes you have to watch gamebird chicks feet. They are really easily messed up in incubator and brooder.
I can't wait till they hatch! Most if not all the birds I hatch will become my future breeding flock.
Good Luck with yours!

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