Breeding times?


8 Years
Feb 20, 2011
Douglas, GA
I have a blue winged teal trio and a pair of pintails they haven't started laying yet should they already have laid? One pintail hen has laid and the other hasn't. I thought i got them early enough for them to be settled in by the time that breeding season came around. They came from Pennsylvania and i asked had his started laying yet and they hadn't. But my wood ducks had already started laying.
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What size pen do you have them in. From time to time it may take a season for the birds to adjust to the surroundings. If they are last spring hatch it is possible they weren't ready to lay.
They are in a 35x25 with 3 pairs of wood ducks and a pair of pheasants. So they shouldn't be crowded. I dont know when the pintails hatched or two of the blue winged teals. One hen is over 2 years old though. She lost her mate so I bought another pair to put with her.
My pintails are just now sitting on eggs while my Mandarins and Wood ducks have already laid, hatched and are motling. Last year only one of my pintails hens laid out of 3 pairs and this year I have two so far. I think they just have to have that feeling.
All my birds lay real late. As long as the males arent molting.there is always a chance. My greenwing teal are just now starting. That other pintail hen should have layed by now is what Im thinking though. My pintails always have layed before my greenwings for as long as Ive kept them. I just saw a wild bluewing male on the pond today. So I have faith on yours still having eggs. Good luck.
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