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9 Years
Jan 6, 2011
Upper Lake, California
Three Days ago I separated my Ducks. The Rouen Drake & Hen and the Golden Cascade Hen were penned together. The Drake bred with Both Hens & both have laid fertile eggs. Now I have the Golden Cascade Drake & GC Hen penned together, since then the GC Hen has continued to lay 1 egg each day, but* "Does it Take A While Until the Hen Starts Laying Eggs From the GC/ NEW Drake"? I haven't seen the drake try to breed with her yet, so I know the resent eggs she laid are from the other drake. I have dated each egg & left them in her nest. ~I want GC Ducklings. Thanks, Julie
Well, I had a friend who hatched out some eggs from pure bred Swedish ducks but some of the ducklings came out as Runner crosses! The Swedish had been in with a Runner drake until about three weeks before egg collection started. So it can be three weeks before you can start to be confident that the offspring will belong to the new drake.

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