Breeds and the Color of Pin Feathers

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by the simple life, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Besides the all white breeds of turkeys are there any heritage breeds that don't have dark pin feathers?
    I thought I had heard that the Bourbon Reds and possibly Jersey Buffs had light in feathers but would like more info on other breeds before I start ordering poults this year.
    Anyone know about the Sweet grass or Calicos?
    Also how much of a chore is it with the dark pin feathers or do you just skin them?
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    Are you worried about dark pin feathears because of processing them to eat? I Pluck dark turkeys all the time with no problem. My daughter helps me and after a good scauld for about 1 minunet in 145ish deg water, until I can pull the wing tip feathers, they pluck real easy. The longest would be 10 minunets to have a bald turkey. I like to have the skin on for cooking but some do skin.

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