Bringing chicks into the flock-feed confusion


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Mar 16, 2014
I have six bantam chicks that are all 6 weeks old. I am going to bring them out into the coop soon where i have four speckled sussex hens that are 5 months old. I have introduced them many of times but my question is how do i keep the chicks on starter feed and the hens on layer feed without them eating each others feed? Please help because i am very confused on this.


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The best time to integrate chicks with older hens is at 16 weeks. If you do it before then, you may possibly get away with it, but it can be dangerous and result in injury or deaths...just so you know.

Six week old chicks are not able to defend themselves against older pullets.

You can feed everyone starter/grower unmedicated, or just grower, with oyster shell on the side, indefinitely.

The layer feed is bad for the nonlayers, and can damage the kidneys. So I'd freeze your layer feed or keep in a cool dry place for a max. of 4 months due to degradation of vitamins/feed.

They can start eating layer around 5 months old, no problem.

They also sell Flock Raiser feed, which will also need oyster shell on the side. This would be good for everyone, as well.
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