Bringing them out of bantamweight and into featherweight, 1st data point


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Jul 23, 2018
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I brought home three pullets on Friday 10/26. Two LHs, one CA white. I immediately noticed they were all underweight for their breeds. I think they were on the "fend for yourselves" feeding program on the farm I got them from. So I've set about putting weight on them.
I am feeding these girls nearly twice as much food / bird as the birds in my original flock which are all larger breed birds but younger by about 2 months.
I did not weigh the newbies until 5 days after bringing them home and then again tonight.

Here is the data:
LH1: Lucy (ranks #1 in the trio) went from 3.93 to 4.3 pounds, a 9.4% gain.
LH2: Peanut (ranks #2 in the trio) went from 2.98 to 3.13 pounds, a 5.0% gain.
CA white: Cali (ranks #3 in the trio) went from 3.33 to 3.44 pounds, a 3.3% gain.

I think this is interesting. I feed in two bowls. The most dominant gained the most % weight and so on. I will be adding a third bowl starting tomorrow and will do another weigh in next Wednesday.

I am awaiting the results of a "fresh sample" fecal float. My first sample was delayed in the mail but analyzed regardless courtesy of @Sue Gremlin with preliminary results showing possible roundworm in the newbie flock. They will be wormed if this finding is confirmed.

I planned to release them to range with the original flock the day before Thanksgiving to give them time to bulk up.

Also interesting is Lucy has given me an egg a day since 1 week after arrival. :D Already paying the rent!

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