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Jan 25, 2008
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Hey all

Has anybody have or used the humidty module for the Octagon 20 advance ? Are there any problems with it or is it just not worth it Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanx so much

I am currently using the Brisnea 20 advance with humidity pump. Works like a charm, if the humidity drops below whatever you have specified, it turns and cranks in enough water to get it up to par. The hardest part about using it was figuring out how the little hose twisted on the pump could actually pull water. Works great.
Thanx for the reply I am using the Octagon Advance 20 and have been thinking about the humidity pump for awhile It would be nice to not have to open it to put water in and to just let the bator do it itself Now to wait and see if there are any negative responses If not then off to the store Thanx again


I used Brinsea for years and got good results from the smaller models. Had nightmares with the Octogon 40 this year with poor temperature control. Tried an R-Com for the first time this year and wish I had done it sooner - SUPERB

I have an Octagon 20 Advance with the humidity pump, and I really like it. I set it at 45% then 70% for hatching chicken eggs and it works a dream. I weigh my eggs to check correct moisture loss but hardly need to with the Brinsea and my own eggs, cause it is so steady. I really like not having to check humidity and swap water dishes around and fuss about with surface area etc...

The only problem I've had with it has been in the last week when I was trying to get the humidity up to 80% for lockdown with some duck eggs. I set it at 80%, but humidity in the bator just wouldn't rise above 75%, so the pump kept turning and turning and drawing more and more water into the bator to try and get the humidity up, and eventually it overflowed the two water wells and leaked out the bottom of the bator and made a giant puddle underneath. Which I didn't mind very much, but I WAS rather annoyed I couldn't get it up to the humidity I wanted. I had to turn it down to 75% to stop the overflow problem, and now the only duckling that made it this far is shrinkwrapped and I'm having to help him out.

I think this is more a problem of me not knowing how to manipulate conditions in my bator rather than the bator & pump combo being faulty or a poor design, as Yinepu on here has a Brinsea Eco and manages to get humidity up to 80% easily, with just some scrunched up paper towels in the water wells. I've only had the bator a short while and I've probably got some stuff to learn about it yet.

Basically, I'd totally recommend the pump!
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Thanx everybody for your replies I am in love with my brinsea and wouldnt trade it for anything But so far all I have got is good responses so guess its off to the brinsea place for a humidity pump Thanx again everybody


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