Brinsea Octagon 20?

PC has a Brinsea Octagon....I think....but don't know which model.

The Brower has a top hatch that isn't styrofoam w/ a big clear window. The inside tray can pop out and go straight in the dishwasher for sanitation.
I don't know about the octagon-but I was loaned the brinsea rcom 20-and I am in love.quiet-just add water (it tells when=) all digital----I'll let you know how well it works in about 3 weeks:cool:
Mine is the Octagon 40. It's a little different. If you've been watching
my latest posts you know how happy I am with it. They just came out
with a new Oct20 that looks REALLY nice. If I was buying a new one it
would be a tough choice between an Oct20 and an Rcom20. My Oct 40
is enabling me to hatch too many chicks. It's not good for me.
I have an octagon 20. It is AMAZING!

Very simple to clean and temps stay perfect. They do make it difficult to add water to but it can be done.

Any questions feel free to ask.
Good incubator. Lots of parrot people use them because for one thing, they have the
expensive electronic thermostat which is quite a bit more precise than the wafers. They cycle on and off several times/minute to keep the temp just right.

However, because it's small and not insulated, you still have to be concerned with your
room air temp. being rather consistent.

I had one which I rather stupidly left in the UK.

For hatching up to 20 chicken eggs it is darn near perfect.

The water trays are small, so humidity control would be the only tricky bit in a very dry climate.

Other than that, I would have simply bought another if I could have afforded it.

I ended up making my own.

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