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9 Years
Jul 13, 2010
I would like to hear from you guys that have one of these, how much variance you get between heat kicking on and off in your hatcher/bator, and what hatch rates you get, because I have a new bator I recently picked up that I thought was spot on, and it is fluctuating between 6 and 7 degrees...and with that much fluctuation, how are you supposed to know what the actual temperature in the incubator is? I mean, if the high temp is 100 and the low is 95, would the temp be 97.5?
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I have this same concern with mine. I recently bought this thermometer hoping to once and for all get a precise reading, but the range does swing enough that I don't really know what to call the actual temp in the bator.
really, no one uses this that can tell me how much their bators fluctuate? I am new to incubating, and I need to know if mine is giving a normal fluctuation...
Well, you're not really wanting to check the temp in the incubator exactly, you're wanting to check the temp inside the eggs. Air temp can fluctuate up and down a bit and as long as it happens quickly, the internal temp of the eggs should remain quite stable. If you have a thermostat kicking on and off, you'd expect the air temp to go up and down a bit. I think you should get a water weasel/water wiggler and put the probe in there - loads of folk here use them as substitute eggs to check the internal egg temp - and I bet you'll find your temp fluctuation is a lot less inside the 'egg' than outside it.
I have a Brinsea Spot Check that I have been using for several months while designing and developing my own thermostat and heating element. It does not vary significantly from the actual temperature in the incubator. After lots of testing, I am convinced that mine is about 3/10 of a degree low, but that small amount is inconsequential. If you are seeing 5 degree swings in the Spot Check reading, it is my opinion that you really are getting 5 degree temperature swings inside your incubator. In other words, I doubt that your problem is the Spot Check and is more likely your themostat/heater combination.

My incubator is staying within 1/2 degree of the set point. I have it set at 99.5 and the heater comes on at 99.3 and goes off at 99.7.
Mine varies about a degree on the full cycle (up and down), which is fine with me. My main issue is that I can't get this styro Hova to stay in one temp range. I was hoping I'd be able to monitor it better with this thermo since the bator simply won't stay in one range. My plans for this styro were to just use it for warming chicks as they leave my Brinsea, but I suddenly needed an empty bator for more eggs.......
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