Brio Brooder 1c Any Suggestions to get Temperature up Higher?

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Just a query, has anybody owned or currently owns a Brio brooder. The temperature range goes up to 41 degrees but I can't get mine to reach higher than 34 degrees. I was hoping to use it to incubate eggs, does anyone know how to get the temperature up? Any ideas even would help.
It is a plastic base with an element under the base, a plastic top half and a perspex sliding lid.
They are meant to be used for brooding animals and birds, as a reptile vivarium and as a reptile egg incubator, but mine just won't go above 34 degrees even when the dial is turned up to its highest temp which is supposed to be 41 degrees.
You may want a new thermostat. One that will let the temp get up high enough. I don't incubate in Celsius though, so if you could Fahrenheit would be better.
After playing around, I found that if I put a cloth over the thermometer it reaches temperature, so too much air space is making it cooler. Can I incubate eggs with a cloth over them or would it be ok to build some kind of framework with a cloth over it?
Hmmm...that's a good question. I would be worried about smothering the eggs. They need good ventilation and air circulation and putting a cloth over them might mean suffocating the babies or running the risk of deformities. A frame might be better, but would it work as well?
Would that help keep the temp steady?

Definitely, and you won't have hotspots in the incubator, you may not need a new thermostat, you may just need a fan to circulate the air in this brooder/incubator. I don't know why it wouldn't have a fan if it was intended for use with brooding baby chicks and parrots, and other small birds or animals. Animals need circulating air, and something to pull in fresh air, and blow out stale air.​
When in use as a brooder it has a metal grill lid, the plastic lid is for incubating.


Under the air freshener is a small round hole presumably to put your finger in to slide it across, that might be a good place for a fan.
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So, what did you use the brooder for? It looked like there were lots of cages in the background of that last picture. I was wondering if you use it for birds, and what kind?

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