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    Nov 30, 2007
    what age should I take my cornish x's off of the broiler starter? they are 6 that are 2 weeks old and the other 25 are only a week old right now they are getting purina flock raiser and broiler starter mixed together( we grind up the flock raiser so it is the same size as the starter because they are too little to eat those pellets) any way how long can I feed them the starter it is medicated? I know you have to take them off of the medicated some time before they are processed but how long before? thanks for any help. DH went to feed the chickens this morning and found 2 cornish X's dead we came home from sunday school and another one was dead it little legs were straight out behind it and it had blood all over its bottom. what is wrong with my chicks they all are acting like they are sick now. I don't know what is going on 2 of them were 2 weeks old and the other one a week old. How can I help my chickies?
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