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Jun 4, 2016
I have 25 eight-week old pullets. This morning I noticed that one of the barred rocks has a broken beak. The top half of her beak is broken off quite far back. The underlying tissue is completely intact with no bleeding. It looks painful, but she is acting normally and seems perky enough. I held out a few oats in my hand to make sure she could eat, and she pecked them up with a firm jab. So I'm inclined not to worry about her, not do anything about it, and just keep an eye on her. I'm interested if anyone knows how this sort of thing happens, and whether there is anything more I should be doing for her or looking for.

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This can be a common injury. You can Google or do a BYC search on "broken beak in chicken," and you will find many links to read. I would look for links by TheChickenChick in particular.

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