Broken beak


Nov 10, 2016
This morning I noticed my roosters break had a crack in it and while I went in to lookup what to do then by the time I came back that part was gone now I don't know what to do. I saw him eat a little while it was still on but not since it fell off.


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I think that will grow back out fine. Will take some time. If there are any really sharp points with which he might hurt the hens, I'd carefully file them down just enough to dull them, otherwise I'd just leave it alone and let it grow back. Is he the only roo? Sometimes this happens when they fight. Small breaks at the tip usually grow out fine. Larger breaks, up into the quick can be more of an issue.
Here is a link to fixing a broken beak for future reference:
He's my only rooster. I think it happened this morning when I went to let him out of the coop and he jumped up and tried to bite me I guess. Which would have been unusual for him. But that's when I noticed it anyways but he seems to be getting along just fine. Thanks.

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