Broken Crow


ChowDown Silkie Farm
10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Hornbeak, Tennessee
My roo's crow has became broken. Sounds like he has larengitis. (sp) He starts out good then it breaks off and the ending is good. He has been crowing alot lately and I think it's due to competition with the other rooster that he has suddenly started to hate. They probably talkin smack to each other but he seems fine other than his messed up crow. Any ideas? He is a long tail, a year old and recently wormed. He has 2 hens in his pen. The last time he was out was about 5 days ago and he was fighting with the other rooster through the chicken wire. They both had miner damage to their face area from the wire not each other before I discovered it and put mr. attitude back in his pen. I doubt that would affect his crow but thought I would give as much info as possible. The damage is on his comb that is right at his nostrils and a few spots on an earlobe.

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