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Jun 11, 2008
bloomington indiana
I have a broken egg in my incubator. Nothing is moving, should I throw it out? Also yesterday we hatched the healthiest chick. I bought 2 to keep it company, today in the after noon, it just say closed its eyes and cried and cried. When I picked it up it kept flipping. Should I have kept in in incubator longer? I tried to give it water, it died, and its; mouth was full of food. Did I let it eat too soon. It was 24 hours old.
We hatched one more today. Im afraid.

Outpost JWB

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Mar 31, 2014
Does the broken egg smell? If an egg goes rotten and is left in the incubator, the bacteria from the bad egg will spread thru the whole incubator. Any chicks that hatch can have s disease called "Mushy Chick Syndrome".

You did not let it eat, drink, or get it out too soon. I take mine out a couple hours after they hatch. As long as they are dried off, they are good to go to the broody box. How is your Brody box set up? It should have a brooder light and you should maintain a temperature of 99F. They should have food & water at all times. I dip their beaks in water to show them where it's at. Only takes once. Probably not necessary, just what I was taught & it works. What type of bedding are you using? I've used shredded newspaper, regular newspaper, pine shavings, and cedar shavings.

In regards of the broken egg, candle it, if it's not moving, pitch it out. Hang in there! Hatching is a learning experience. Please let me know how it turns out and if you have any other questions.

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