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Oct 10, 2010
Strange things happening lately... First I found 3 perfect eggs in one of the nests, while the other nest had remains of a raw egg .... but no shell. I wondered: Did the hen lay a malformed egg that had no shell or a soft shell? Then today I went to gather eggs, and there were three eggs in one of the nests....and there was some raw egg in the nest again.... however, one of the eggs had a hole in it that looked like some poultry freak had pecked the hole in it.
What is going on with my ladies??? Are they becoming canibals? or fowlibals??? Are they eating the eggs and shells... WHAT'S GOING ON?? Anybody have an info??
It could be one of your hens is laying shell- less eggs or soft shelled eggs. new layers some times take time to get there machine working right. I have one right now that is laying very soft shell. and if it gets stepped on it will break. had a broken one today and have noticed some egg on some of the other eggs on occasion. I am getting 12 to 13 eggs out of 20 hens and some of them have just started to lay; so I'm quite sure this is what is going on. it happened last fall then stopped. Do you have any new layers? If not you may have an egg eater, then the hot sauce often works.
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