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Sep 27, 2015
Carmichael, CA
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Hi all,
Eva our Golden Wyandotte flew from the top of the nesting area and crash landed. She broke her femur. It is not compound and we have splinted it. She still will not move around. We have her in a dog crate in the office, with food and water. She is eating and drinking a bit, but mostly lays still. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jeff
Many times birds will not try to put weight on a broken leg.
The chicken sling is a very good idea, as KikisGirls gave you in the link above. She may be more comfortable in a sling, just make sure she can reach food and water.
For splinting, you should cushion the leg with gauze pads to prevent whatever splinting materials you use from scratching or abrading the leg. Using vetwrap over all is better than tape (I can't tell in picture what materials you used) as you don't have to worry about sticking. Be very careful to watch for swelling, and don't wrap too tight. If it's too tight and the leg swells, you could lose circulation to the lower leg.
Some breaks will heal fine, and others, usually high on the leg, will require pins inserted surgically to heal correctly. Best of luck.
You can also tape some brown paper bags (from a grocery store) or something similar around the bottom of your cage to help keep the shavings inside and not all over the house. (less cleaning up)

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