Broken Leg, Aggression, and Trouble Eating


Aug 24, 2018
West Virginia
This is a very long story, but I’m desperate, so I hope you’ll take the time to read it. We originally had three ducks, Pato, Hercules, and Destiny. We thought they were all females, but turns out; two males and one female. We heard this can be dangerous to the female (having more males than females, that is) so we got two baby duckling, unknown gender, but hoping they’d be female. Blue and Cora. Bluebell fell, and twisted her leg. We thought, though, that it was a niacin deficiency, so we treated it as such. No brace, but lots of vitamins. She was around four days old, when she hurt it. It’s been a couple months, and now...? She can’t walk, it’s got progressively worse. Her body isn’t aligned correctly, so she topples over constantly. She’s broken, no doubt! It’s been months since the injury, would a brace do anything to straighten her leg? Her leg is bent and her body isn’t straight. Since she can’t stand, she looks terrible. She drags herself, so her chest and tailfeathers look awful. We give them a pool, but Blue can’t get in or out, so she can’t wash off. Cora loves water, though! Right now, we have the babies separated from the adults/older ones, but we let the older ones free roam into the yard, where the babies pen is. It’s insane! The males peck, shake their heads, and slam their beaks toward the babies! It’s obviously aggression or dominance, not love. We don’t know if the babies (Cora and Blue) are females, we refer to them as female, but we don’t know. They’re still chirping. Anyway, we’re worried that the males agression will continue on and we’ll never be able to put the babies with the adults. The pen the babies are in is a decent size, but definitely not as much as they’d get with the older ducks pen. Plus, we can’t put a large pool with the babies pen, so they can’t splash around; only step in an inch deep pool, rather than fully submerge! It’s frustrating, because I’d love to see Cora in the older ducks one in the big pool, but the older ones bully her through the fence. We’ve never let them together, yet. Not sure what to do with Blue... she can barely handle her rowdy sister Cora (who barely bumps her), so I couldn’t image seeing her fight back against three older ducks. Blue may be the sweetest duck, so, I really wanna help her! She also has trouble eating, honestly not sure why. She has plenty of drinking water beside the food and it’s small feed... In conclusion; can we fix her leg? As long as she could walk, instead of hobble, it’d be better. Will the males accept the ducklings? Should we start thinking of building a larger pen? (Cora loves the older ducks, I’d feel terrible if she’d never be able to be in a big pool or hang with the older ducks) Blue is getting worse and worse. She deserves better. Please help and Thanks for reading!
sometimes you have to rebreak to reset the leg(not recamended unless no choice or perfessional is doing it) and a brace might be helpful for though she migh be in it for her whole life,also the vet could fix her leg too
I would find a vet to look at her. Here personally we would cull such a duck.

Drake ducks care only about mating. You don't have enough females to support your males activities. I would keep the males separate, or not keep both.
I’ve searched for vets, but no one around here helps ducks. :( I’m afraid of snapping her leg, and making it worse! I’ll try to make a brace! I heard that after a week from the initial injury, a brace won’t do anything! I’ll make one if there’s a chance it’ll help! Thanks for the advice! ^~^
I think the best thing to do is brace and put in her that water yourself. You should fill your bathtub up and let her swim in it to strength her leg since most of the muscle is probably gone.

Thank you!! We have a kiddy pool that the older ducks outgrew, it’ll be huge for the two month olds!!! I’m sure Cora will love it! Hopefully, poor Blue will have fun and get better! Any idea why she struggles to eat? It’s getting worse as she ages. I love her and can’t bare to watch her choke, she rarely eats the feed anymore, and only soft treats?
Today she is doing worse. We’ll put on the brace, let her swim! She is still struggling to eat, it’s like she doesn’t know how to swallow. Does anyone know if we’ll ever be able to introduce her to the flock? The drakes are still rude! Cora and Blue may have to stay permanently separate! :(

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