Broken leg leading to rolled ankle? Help


6 Years
I took it to the vet, his tibia has slipped over the hock joint, they put a splint on it but aren't sure if he will ever walk again.
Here is a picture of the little guy with his splint on.​

Another problem though, you can see in the picture his toes are curved and he doesn't have them held normally. Should I made a shoe to keep them in place so they will grow correctly? I don't want him to have a rolled ankle and his foot permanently on its side.​
With that injury, or any similar one, a curled foot is quite often the result. You need to put a 'shoe' on him to hold his foot correctly or very quickly it will become stuck that way and then it's unlikely he'll make it. There are various shoes shown in this forum, best wishes with that.
If you do not get a shoe on that foot it will become stuck that way permanently. It doesn't matter what caused it to adopt that position, it will get stuck there. It probably already is. You may still be able to fix it though.

Best wishes.

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