broken leg... or broken something. Chair fell on a pullet :(


10 Years
May 28, 2009
I have a fold-up chair that I keep in the coop in case I want to sit out there with my chooks. Well, seems it got knocked over and fell right on one of my black copper marans girls. I felt along her leg and can't find any definitive break, but she definitely can't stand now. Her right leg is distended and doesn't move at all. I'm thinking maybe at her "ankle" joint, she might have twisted it or something because it seems loose. Other than that, she's a very healthy young girl (7 months)

Anyway, how do I fix something like this? or do I have to put her down?
or should I take her to the vet and have them fix her??

please help

thank you,
I have a hen getting over a leg injury right now that might be similar. I don't know how she got hurt (might have fallen off the roost) but wouldn't stand for about 4 days. She is standing more and taking a few steps now but limping heavily still on her left leg. Since I didn't know what happened, I just made sure she had food and water within reach so she didn't have to move to get it and kept her warm and clean. Her poop was OK but more like broody poop; she was only going about 3 times a day. I decided to soak her legs and underside today, kinda like a bath but with epsom salt in the water. She didn't mind at all and I was able to really wash her hiney. I dried her off with paper towels and let her stand/limp in the sun for about an hour before I put her back in the tractor. She seams to be healing OK with nothing more than that.

As long as she doesn't seem to be in pain while sitting, I'd give it a few days and she how she does. Hopefully, she'll be ok...
thanks for the replies

noodleroo: I've got her in the "infirmary" now (a bin in the spare bath tub). Will keep an eye on her. I have another hen in there recovering that I know fell off the roost. I found her under the roost a couple weeks ago. I don't know what's up with the accidents lately... *sigh* at least they can kinda be buddies, anyway...
La Sombra, how high is the roost ?
Maybe they are injured from trying to get up/down to a too high roost ?
I had to lower one of mine as as the girls grew, they got heavier and had less room to jump-fly off the roost sideways without hitting a wall...I also had 2 get bumblefoot sores from the height until we lowered the roost...I also had a pullet in another coop take off like a lead balloon a few days ago and smacked right into a wall...found with the cartoon tweety birds flying around her head...she had classic "bird-hits-the-window-syndrom" so could hardly stay awake...laid flat out...I had her in a small dog crate and within a few days she was standing, and walking like a drunk...and after a week she was better so returned to her flock.
Your bird may just have sore ligaments or muscles, we hope...
well, it's just the one that fell off the roost. The recent one is from a folding chair falling across her legs. The roost that the one fell from is about waist-high, but there's a "stair" that I put on there so they can hop down if they need. It's just another board like the roost but lower down. I think I'm just having bad luck lately...

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