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    I have a Barred Rock hen that has been through the ringer. She already knocked on death's door once after another hen pecked her eye. We had to hand feed and water her for a few days and treat her eye. She recovered finally.

    Shortly after that she started limping. No idea what happened. We waited to see if it would resolve itself as one of our Gold Sex Links had a limp that resolved on its own. Well it didn't get better so we checked her out.

    Right where her leg meets her body was swollen and red. At the time I didn't have any idea what to do for her so we opted to just let whatever happened happen. It is now a sort of light/white color and not swollen. She is eating and drinking great but very rarely leaves the coop. She has ceased putting any weight at all on the leg and hops instead. She isn't in danger of dying and seems healthy otherwise but I think it is hard for her to leave the coop and get around so she doesn't. I would like to improve her quality of life if I can. Any suggestions?
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    I am not an expert on broken bones, but I have read that chickens who broke the upper portion of their femur, will have a hard time healing completely. Some people try confining to a small pen with food and water for a couple of weeks. Others will use a chicken sling or chair to keep them upright with the leg suspended. An avian vet in the beginning may or may not have helped. I would give her poultry vitamins with minerals. Poultry Booster by Rooster Booster is easy to find, and it goes in the feed. Here is a link about splinting:
    and another:

    Below are some pictures of chicken slings:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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