Broken neck after being attacked by something

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    Jul 29, 2013
    I found one of my 4 month old hens with injuries to her head and looked like she had a broken neck, just flopping around. I thought I was going to have to put her down. I wrestled with it and read a thread saying to cull. Well I brought her inside and put her in a box with water and some food. I kept checking on her throughout the day and went to bed for the night. I woke up expecting her to be dead. What I did find was a very perky chicken with her head straight up and the only thing that appeared wrong was the open wound on her head. I have moved her to the garage and put some ointment on the wound. I even thought she had lost her eye. But I removed a wood chip from her eye and it was still there. I am hoping for the best. Have a little faith if this happens to one of your birds. There is hope where there seems to be none
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    Wow, how wonderful she is recovering! I hope that soon she'll be as good as new and you will get rid of the predator, too. [​IMG]

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