Broken or dislocated wing?


11 Years
May 13, 2011
Gainesville, Virginia
We had an issue yesterday with one of our chickens and one of our dogs. Somehow one of the girls got out and my dog was the first to discover. We heard the chicken squawk and ran outside right away and rescued her and promptly returned her to her fenced area. While there were no bites or blood she lost a few feathers as would be expected but now her one wing hangs lower then her other wing. We felt it and didn't notice and break and it feels like it's in a socket. She still moves it. Flies up to the roost at night and raises it when she squats on the ground. Is there a way to tell if its broken or dislocated? And is there away to fix it? Aside from this lopsided look she's now sporting she seems fine - eating, drinking, laying, running around.
From the sounds of it, she's not in pain. If it doesnt bother you, I'd say just leave it. It could be trauma, and after awhile it could go back to normal. My mom had a Turkey with the same problem, and after a couple of weeks, he started holding it normal agian. We thought then it could have been injured, but asked on ehre and someone said it was Trauma.
Good Luck.
Thanks. Makes sense. Nothing feels warm like an inflammation or anything and there doesn't seem to be any major swelling. She let's us move it around without making a sound or trying to get away. I'll just keep an eye on her.

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