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My 15 week old corturnix quail had an escape from her run yesterday. When I eventually caught hrr, I realised tgere was blood on her foot. I bathed it in warm salty water then applied savlon cream. She is in pain as her toe looks broken and swollen. It's a purply colour too. She real life y can't get by at all. She is in a run with just 2other girls. She wont eat or drink. I give her water which she takes. But not food not even a tiny worm. What should I do? Would a vet help? Do I leave it to heal by itself if do how long. What pain relief can I give her. Please advise.
Sorry I'm not much help, but hopefully I can point you in the right direction!
I have seen occasionally that people will do some sort of wrap around the injured foot. Try searching injured foot on the forums. Hopefully you'll find something. It may not heal the same as it was before but your quail will likely get around fine like it never happened. You can crush up a baby aspirin or half adult aspirin for chickens, but I imagine the dose would be a ton smaller for quail. Like atleast 1/4 the dose. Hopefully someone else can give their opinion on this since it would be bad if you overdosed!
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You may want to go to this link for assistance. I copied and pasted something I read on that site.

  • CAUTION: Do NOT give Ibuprofin (Advil, etc.) or Acetaminophen (Tylenol, etc.) to birds! Those are harmful to them.
  • Buffered aspirin (such as Bayer, etc.) can be used for a chicken to help reduce:
  • Stress, listlessness, discomfort, pain
  • Fever
  • Swelling / inflammation.
    Aspirin thins blood and keeps it from clotting as quickly as normal.
    • You should wait until internal and external injuries have begun to heal before using aspirin.
    • Birds bruise more easily when on aspirin.
  • Note: A standard baby Aspirin is 80 mg, and a standard adult Aspirin pill is 325 mg.
Wrap the toe up to give it support. You may need to wrap the entire foot as well. You can cut some vet wrap cut into thin strips. Even some human grade wrap from the pharmacy area. Not so tight that the circulation is cut off. After wrapping it up, about 5 mins later, feel the toes and foot to make sure they are warm. If they have turned cold, then it is too tight. But you want it to be tight enough to keep the toe in the straight position.

Get the bird under a heat lamp. About 85 degrees. This will stop the bird from going into shock. Offer up warm oatmeal, warm grits, or warm hard boiled eggs. The bird will have no interest in gamebird food until it is healed.
Hi, thankyou. I now have her in a cat basket in my bedroom on a soft towel, where I can keep a constant eye on her. Im worried she's not had a thing to eat in nearly 2 days. Ive tried boiled egg, tiny bits of cucumber... nothing. Water, yes by me. She doesn't move at all. Think I'll take her to the vets tomorrow but not sure what they will do.
Unless you give her heat, she is not going to eat. She has probably already gone into shock.
Unfortunately my quail didnt make it through the night. I woke up at 5am to check on her. Iwent to give her water but she was not looking good. I stroked her & made some sort of snooking noise then it was all over. She passed away in my hands. Im thinking because she escaped she might have had some sort of internal injuries. 4others escaped, found them in a field next to our house. My male didnt make it. We found him dead. Lots of feathers everywhere. Sonething had caught him. It was a very sad week end for us. :((. Thanks for asking anyhow.

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