Broken wing!!! help!!!

rooster lover 119

9 Years
Aug 8, 2010
hi guys its rooster lover 119 here and my hen eagle eye she's a EE or Americana as most people call them. anyways 2 days ago when i got home from basketball i let out my hens when i went to get corn and started spreading it out i went back to our porch to watch them. as i always do. it calms me down from the stressful day to watch my hens run around. who needs t.v. when you got chickens! anyways back to the subject. while i was watching them i noticed eagle eye limping so i went over to her and picked her up. at first i thought it was her leg but i noticed her wing was hanging to the side making her unstable. that explained the limping. so i put her in the brooding box for 2 days to heal. the wing has gotten a bit better but its still hanging down a little. i put her back with the flock today but i saw her try to fly up to the nesting box's but she fell when she tried. she's usually the best flyer being able to fly up into the tree's in our yard. But know she cant even reach the nesting box's which are a few feet off the ground. i still don't know what caused it. maybe it was my rooster mating with her? maybe she fell out of the roost one night. i don't know what it is i just hope we can find a way to help my little girl out! I cant get pictures at the moment but i will tomorrow. thanks guys!!!!


9 Years
Nov 9, 2010
north of eternity
I hope she's ok.
For a simple broken wing in the past I've just put the wing in place as best I could, folded up resting naturally up against the body and wrapped vet wrap around the body of the bird...wrapped over the broken wing but under the good wing and around the body. Not too tight. They have to be kept separate for a couple of weeks until it mends.

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