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5 Years
Mar 18, 2014
I know it's way early but at work I have had my eye one one of those card board water melon boxes. One became empty today so I jumped on it. My spring chicks next year will have a nice big area now. So excited I had to :)
Good size box. Is it on a pallet or does it have a cardboard bottom? If it is a cardboard bottom, buy a roll or two of cheap contact paper and line the box with it on the inside. To help protect the box from moisture! Good luck!
No pallet just cardboard bottom. Will do just that. Thanks. It's a huge box!!!!!!!!

Last night my husband built our chicks a room addition. So now instead of an one room apartment, they have 2! They just sat there and picked at everything for a while, and then finally calmed down. My husband was really excited when they sat on the roost.

My question is, the roost is metal conduit, do you think they will have difficulty keeping grip on it? Maybe we need to spray it with a textured paint?

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