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Nov 18, 2012
Hello all,i am sharing a great way to brood your baby chicks take some 3/8 plywood or similar cut in half and take one half rip it in 12'' by 4 ft 4 times put the 12 inch sections on sides on the top use the 4 ft x 4ft section let the 12'' go 8'' from top of 4x4 section with 16 '' legs giving 4'' from the 8'' and 4'' from ground and mount a porclin light fixture on each end and one 150 watt on one end and a 250 watt infered heat at other end,the heat will stay down low where baby chicks are, keeping them warm in as low as 20 degree weather if you have draft just put curtin over sides at bottom to keep heat in and shavings on top for insulation,will hold around 150 to 200 chicks until 6 weeks of age and no thermastat needed chicks will move in and out from under it as heat needed just like they do with a mother hen,there is a 4'' opening all the way around bottom and as chicks grow you can put blocks under legs to raise it as they grow,i have 6 of these they are same concept but 4x8 they work better than anything i have used in the past,and save on electric bill,anyone have any ideas that work more efficent for large amounts of chicks please i would like to hear from you.


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Jun 28, 2011
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You should post some pics of your brooder in the Raising Baby Chicks section so we can have a look.

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